Common Questions

I’ve been in an accident – now what?

If you can, get the names and addresses of the drivers and registered owners of the vehicles involved in the accident. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident.

Exchange insurance information with any drivers involved in the accident.

If you have a camera, take photos of the vehicles and the scene. If you don’t, make a sketch to help you remember.

Do not discuss who was at fault for the accident with anyone.

Call the police and ambulance if necessary.

Seek medical attention, either at a hospital if necessary, or with your family doctor.

Contact a personal injury lawyer who knows how to help injured people. We can help you make your claim directly with ICBC.

Do I need a lawyer?

ICBC will try to convince you that they will take care of everything for you and give you a fair settlement. They are not on your side. They are in business to limit the amount of compensation that they pay to injured people.

We have decades of expertise in making sure our clients receive full compensation for their losses.

How much do you cost?

We do not charge you to represent you in your injury claim. We only get paid once we have obtained a settlement or judgment in your claim. We take a percentage of any settlement or judgment meaning there is no risk for you to make a claim. Unlike many firms, in most cases we will not ask that you pay up-front for disbursements (the cost of medical reports and court filings).

What is my claim worth?

The value of your claim depends on many factors:

  • whether or not you are totally or partially responsible for the accident;
  • the extent of your injuries;
  • the extent of your medical treatment;
  • whether or not you are left with any total or partial disability;
  • your medical history, and any pre-existing medical problems;
  • the amount of insurance coverage available;
  • the extent of your past income loss;
  • whether or not you will be able to return to earning income in the future;

To properly assess the value of your claim, your injuries and economic loss must be thoroughly investigated.

What ICBC benefits am I entitled to?

Whether or not you are at fault for an accident, you are entitled to ‘no fault’ benefits, which include your medical and rehabilitation costs (medication, physiotherapy, massage therapy, dental, hospital, occupational therapy, etc.)

If you are totally disabled from working following your accident, you are entitled to a maximum of $301 per week in wage loss benefits, depending on your employment salary. At the end of your claim you are entitled to all of your provable wage loss.

How long will it take?

All claims are unique, but we never recommend settling your case until your injuries and any economic losses have been thoroughly investigated by our team of specialists. It doesn’t help you to conclude your claim without knowing the full extent of any ongoing problems.

Will I have to go to trial?

In BC most personal injury claims are settled either through negotiation with the insurance adjuster, or with the lawyers for ICBC at mediation. If your case can’t be settled, we have decades of experience representing our clients at trial throughout BC.