Knee Injuries

Knees are by their nature susceptible to injury. As with shoulders, knees are a complex system of bones, ligaments, muscles, and soft tissues that must work in tandem to ensure full range of motion when walking. The physical dynamics of a car accident can cause damage to the underlying structures of the knees. Typically, we see injuries to the:

  • meniscus;
  • medial collateral ligament (MCL);
  • anterior cruciate ligament (ACL);

Knee injuries can result in the serious instability of the joint leading to disability. Often surgery is required to repair an injured knee.

You require a team of medical specialists to determine the extent of your injury and help you get back on your feet. In combination, our specialists will give you the best medical treatment possible.

You also need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you get your life back and to make sure you are compensated for your loss.