As cycling commuters, we know first hand the dangers of riding in vehicle traffic. With the increase in the number of people cycling, ‘sharing the road’ has never been more important. Unfortunately, as with motorcyclists, the laws of physics and lack of protection for the rider mean any collision with a motorist, even minor, can result in the most catastrophic of injuries to the cyclist.

As a cyclist, you are in particular danger where a driver of a vehicle:

  • fails to observe traffic lights;
  • fails to stop at a stop sign;
  • drives their vehicle at an unsafe speed;
  • improperly turns right at an intersection without first stopping;

With any cycling accident, it is critical to speak with a personal injury lawyer before meeting with ICBC.

ICBC will often try to limit liability by suggesting that as a cyclist you are partially responsible for your accident because:

  • you failed to obey a traffic signal or stop sign;
  • you failed to wear a helmet;
  • you did not use any adequate lighting;
  • you were wearing dark clothing in poorly lit conditions;
  • you did not signal your intention to change lanes or turn;

Because of the bias against cyclists in the insurance claim process, reconstructing the accident is even more critical than in most car accidents. Following a cycling accident, you likely will not be in a good position to do this. We can help you by:

  • Determining the names and contact information of any independent eye witnesses, and interviewing them;
  • Getting any police reports;
  • Having our accident reconstruction experts attend the accident to scene to investigate and preserve evidence;

Once you have spoken with us, we can contact ICBC on your behalf and help you begin your claim. If you have already met with ICBC you should contact us as soon as possible.