Slips & Falls

Owners and occupiers of homes, businesses, and public places are obligated to make sure that their premises are safe for the public to use. If reasonable care is not taken to ensure that their property is safe, and you are injured while at the premises, you are entitled to be compensated for your injuries.

‘Slip and Fall’ injury claims are complicated by the fact that an owner or occupier of a premises need only make a reasonable effort in ensuring that their property is safe for the public to use. That means if the owner/occupier has a reasonable system of maintenance in place then they have not been negligent. An owner/occupier is not required to eliminate every possibility of danger.

Typical ‘Slip and Fall’ Accidents


On uneven flooring and sidewalks, improperly placed curbs or obstacles, unlit and unadvertised hazards, unmaintained tree roots, etc.


Ice, snow, water, debris, unexpected slippery surfaces, improperly constructed stairs, railings, etc.


Inadequate hand rails, poor lighting, unadvertised hazards, improperly constructed stairs, etc.

‘Slip and fall’ claims require immediate action as there are very specific time lines and notice requirements involved in preserving your personal injury claim. It is critical to speak with a personal injury lawyer and to:

  • photograph the location of your slip and fall;
  • determine the contact information of any witnesses to your slip and fall;
  • inform the owner/operator immediately of your slip and fall;
  • preserve the clothing and footwear being worn at the time;