There is No Charge To Speak with Us

Despite their marketing, the insurance industry is not on your side. Their business model requires them to collect your premiums and to pay pennies on the dollar when you make a claim. There are very important steps that are required following an accident and it is vital to speak with us before making a claim. Whether you are a motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian, there are very specific issues which can have important implications in your claim that require our services. There is no charge to speak with us and when you trust us to take on your case you do not pay us a penny until we get you a settlement or judgement in a court.

  • Brain Injuries

    The science surrounding mild traumatic brain injury…

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  • Fractures

    We are experienced in helping accident victims who have suffered…

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  • Neck Injuries

    Neck injuries are one of the most common accident injuries.

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  • Back Injuries

    The vast majority of car accident back injuries are referred to as …

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  • Shoulder Injuries

    Shoulder injuries are common in car accidents.

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  • Knee Injuries

    Knees are by their nature susceptible to injury.

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  • Whiplash & Soft Tissue Injuries

    The vast majority of car accident injuries are…

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  • Chronic Pain

    Some people injured in an accident experience pain to a degree…

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