Steps to an ICBC Settlement


  • get the names and addresses of the drivers and registered owners of the vehicles involved in the accident;
  • exchange insurance details with all drivers involved;
  • get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident;
  • if you have a camera, take photos of the vehicles and the scene. If you don’t, make a sketch to help you remember;
  • call the police and ambulance if necessary;
  • do not discuss who was at fault for the accident with anyone;
  • contact us immediately so that we can help you make your claim with ICBC directly;

Medical Investigations

  • see your family doctor as soon as possible after the accident to document your injuries;
  • follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations and attend any referrals for further medical attention or therapies;
  • regularly see your doctor to ensure there is a consistent record of your ongoing problems;

Making Your Claim

  • we will deal with ICBC on your behalf and make sure you receive any medical and wage loss benefits owed to you;
  • we will ensure all deadlines are met;
  • we will negotiate a fair settlement for you;
  • if required, we will help you through the Court process;

Starting a Lawsuit

  • if your case is not settled within two years of the date of your accident, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf;
  • if you do not start a lawsuit within that limitation period, your claim is statute barred, or extinguished;

Expert Opinion

  • ICBC will try to limit the compensation they pay to you by hiring experts to dispute your losses;
  • we will fight them by making sure all of your medical and economic losses are documented by our team of medical and economic experts;

Examination for Discovery

  • ICBC will want to ask you questions about your accident, your injuries, and your loss of income;
  • we will prepare you for this meeting and ensure you are not asked irrelevant or inappropriate questions;


  • mediation is an alternative dispute process involving an independent third party who helps to try and settle your claim before trial;
  • mediation is often successful at resolving claims;
  • you will have an opportunity to fully explain how your injuries have affected your life;
  • we have decades of successful mediation experience;


  • if negotiation and mediation are unsuccessful, you will have a trial;
  • we will prepare you to explain to a judge or jury how your injuries have affected your life;
  • we will ensure our experts are present to testify on your behalf to help prove your losses;
  • we will dispute what ICBC’s experts say.