What Our Clients Say

I am a 72 year-old retired teacher. I was run over in a cross walk in North Vancouver and suffered severe fractures to my pelvis. My first lawyer, who came highly recommended and who was part of a large firm, never seemed to be available to answer my many questions. When I did ask him how much he thought my case was worth he told me somewhere between $80,000 and $100,000. I knew that couldn’t be correct as I had become severely disabled and would spend my retirement in pain and at doctors’ offices. I decided to change lawyers and I hired Mark after about one year. Mark took the time to visit me in my home on many occasions, answer all of my emails promptly, and guide me through the litigation process. One week before trial Mark won me a settlement in the amount of $370,000. While I will never have my perfect health restored, I do have financial security while I try and get my life back and enjoy my retirement.

C.B. (Retired Teacher)

Mark has been my lawyer in three motor vehicle accident claims over the past 20 years and one serious slip and fall. In each case I had significant injuries which made taking care of and home schooling my four children really difficult. The insurance company always tried to minimize my injuries and suffering. Mark has consistently achieved settlements for me, which compensated me for my pain and suffering. I would recommend Mark and Jonas to any person who is injured in a car accident. They always answer my calls and are never too busy to see me to discuss my case.

R.B. (Teacher and Mother of Four)

I was a longshoreman for 20 years in Vancouver, earning an extremely good income. I was rear ended on the highway by a semi truck at a high rate of speed. The insurance company said I could go back to my job but my doctors said I couldn’t. Mr. Cacchioni achieved a six-figure settlement for me, which allowed me to pursue other avenues work and get on with my life. Mark is not intimidated by the insurance company and will fight hard for you.

D.W. (Commercial Fisherman)

I was walking home from work and was struck down by a car in the crosswalk. My leg was severely injured and I had to spend time in the hospital. Mark traveled over to Nanaimo to see me in the hospital and helped me by getting advances from ICBC while I recovered. A local lawyer told me my case was worth $50,000 because I was a bankrupt and would have a hard time proving my income loss. Mark got me a settlement of $250,000 and I am now back to work.

N.S.M. (Furniture Dealer)

Never thought it would happen to me. I was riding my motorcycle in Mission and a car did a u-turn in front of me. I woke up in the hospital and was told that my wrist and arm were never going to work properly again. After many years of recovery, the Quebec insurance company offered me $200,000. Jonas and Mark were able to more than double that offer which meant I wasn’t going to have to worry about how I was ever going to retire.

R.H. (Sheet Metal Worker)

I was a veterinary professor and veterinary medicine practitioner. While riding as a passenger in my friend’s vehicle I suffered a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. The injury limited my ability to lift larger animals and negatively impacted my career. Years prior to the accident I had injured the same shoulder, and representatives for the insurer tried to minimize my accident injury. Mark and Jonas were able to effectively resolve my case at mediation. I did not want to have a lengthy trial, and was happy that their expertise in negotiation enabled them to successfully resolve the claim.

J.A. (Retired Professor)

A car turned left in front of me in Vancouver causing an accident. ICBC tried to blame me for the accident saying they had a witness that said I went through a red light. I knew I was not at fault and hired Mark and Jonas to make my claim. After a few twists and turns they were able to convince ICBC that I was in fact the victim and shouldn’t be blamed for my injuries. I have been a hair stylist for more than 20 years and I spend the entire day on my feet craning my neck and lifting up my arms. After it was all said and done, they got me a good settlement that compensated me not only for my whiplash, but also for all the times I had to say no to my clients.

M.R. (Hair Stylist)

I immigrated to Canada to go to work as a faller in the Queen Charlotte Islands. I did that work for 25 years. I was visiting my kids in Vancouver when I got in a car accident. I had never been in a car accident and did not know how it works in Canada. My doctors told me I could not work in the bush anymore. Mark and his team got me enough money that I could retire and take care of my kids.

S.K. (Faller)

I was almost killed when a kid in a SUV turned left in front of me while I was riding my sport bike. I had to drop the bike and I slid into the oncoming SUV, suffering several orthopedic and soft tissue injuries. Mark and Jonas took my case and proved to ICBC that the SUV driver was 100% responsible. Just before the accident I had become a physiotherapist, but due to my injuries I had to take a break in my career while the litigation went on. When the dust settled I was able to buy a house with my damage award, and later on returned to work. The Cacchioni team sent me to the best doctors for their medical opinions, and they walked me through the entire process, one step at a time. I would recommend them to anyone who has suffered serious injuries in an accident.

E.P. (Physiotherapist)

I have hired Mark and Jonas two times for my ICBC claims. I had a pretty serious low back injury from a car accident that caused damage to the disc in my low back. I work as a millwright maintaining heavy hydraulic equipment and I have to get into to tight spaces and use heavy tools. ICBC said my low back problem was from my heavy work or from my first car accident. Mark and Jonas disagreed, sent me for MRIs and proved it wasn’t. We settled the case for more than twice my expectation.

C.R. (Millwright)

I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury after being hit from behind while stopped in my work truck. ICBC didn’t agree with my doctors that I had a head injury. Mark was able to get me the settlement I wanted and luckily, my symptoms have improved since then.

G.G. (Maintenance Technician)